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Meet the Team
(Job Opportunities Below)

WSF Building.webp

Justin Buck

Executive Director


Monte Payne, PRPS

Programs Manager

WSF - Paulo.png

Paulo Jacuzzi



Jonathan Dunkley

Youth Empowerment Project Program Coordinator

Destiny Burge

Peer Recovery Support Program Coordinator

Robert Helms

Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Holly Ellerman

Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Courtney Davis

Peer Recovery Support Specialist


Bob T.

Volunteer & Community Coordinator

Londyn Kelley

Community Engagement Specialist 

Wolfe Street Foundation Board of Directors


Dori Haddock, President
Mike Moore, VP
Allen Engstrom, Treasurer
Laura Monteverdi, Secretary

Board Members

Allyson Pittman Gattin
Chris Moses
Janell Hickman
Jim Bell
Jim Engelhorn
Joe O'Brien

Kevin Issitt
Richard Calhoun
Ryan Hamra
Shannon Mulkern
Tucker Martin

Join the Team

Currently, we have two (2) job opportunities to join the team at the Wolfe Street Foundation:

We especially encourage people with lived experience as a person in recovery and/or family members/loved ones of people in recovery to join our team!

Volunteer Opportunities

At the Wolfe Street Foundation, we're always looking for volunteers to help us serve the recovery community. We have five primary volunteer teams:

  • Building and Grounds

  • Safety

  • Bookstore and Hospitality

  • Special Events

  • Office/Clerical

We're also always seeking volunteers with the following skillsets for special projects:

  • Graphic Design for Print and Digital

  • Web Design

  • Data Entry and Database Management

  • Copy Writing and Content Production

  • Customer Service and Hospitality

  • Food Service and Culinary

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