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Peer Recovery Support Services at the Wolfe Street Foundation

Peer recovery support services are crucial in many people's recovery journey. At the Wolfe Street Foundation, we offer one-to-one and group peer support. Our certified peer recovery support specialists understand recovery - because their greatest teacher has been lived experience in addiction and recovery! There are many pathways to recovery; our goal is to help each individual find their own. By working with a certified peer, you benefit from their experience and their earned expertise.

Supportive Friend

Peers help navigate people in recovery to the services they need to sustain their recovery journeys. That includes navigation to treatment resources, assistance navigating insurance and healthcare systems, education and preparation for workforce readiness and success, navigation to safe and successful sober-living, chemical-free, or other recovery housing, and more! 

The Wolfe Street Foundation also offers a structured peer program that includes multiple phases to serve people in early recovery, people discharging from residential programs, people engaged in intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment programs, people currently incarcerated or otherwise engaged with the justice system, and people who find themselves in other situations or desiring more direct guidance and assistance with their recovery. The program includes educational components, regular meetings with a certified peer recovery support specialist, and outside recovery support meetings. Our program is designed to provide community-based, non-clinical support for people in recovery, and it is meant to supplement (not replace) clinical treatment and other services. In some cases, our peer program may be considered part of a diversionary pathway to help people fulfill court-ordered requirements in place of extended incarceration.

For more information, click the button below to contact our peer recovery support specialist.

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