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About Wolfe Street

Why is a place called Wolfe Street actually on Louisiana Street? What is it about Wolfe Street that brings so many people together?

The Wolfe Street Foundation began in 1982 as a safe haven for sobriety and a starting place for new lives. Originally located in an old funeral home and chapel on Wolfe Street, the Foundation hosted its world-famous founder - whose lectures built a legacy of life-changing work we continue today.

In 2007, the Wolfe Street Foundation moved to its current location: a 12,000 square red brick building in downtown Little Rock. Our Foundation is historic - but the fight against addiction isn't history! We continue to serve as a headquarters for people seeking and sustaining long-term recovery. Learn more about our history and how we continue building a robust community of recovery for the future!

WSF Watercolor
WSF Building

Meet the Team

The Wolfe Street Foundation's greatest strength lies in the people who come here to find and give help. Our team is rooted in lived experience, committed to helping people find recovery resources, and driven to provide excellent service to our community.

Wolfe Street's story has all the makings of a blockbuster hit - big challenges, world-famous characters, small-town grit and gumption, and a life-changing mission that calls all of us to take action!

We stand on the shoulders of giants of the recovery movement. Many in our community remember "the old Wolfe Street" - previously located at 1215 Wolfe Street here in Little Rock.

The legacy of the Wolfe Street Foundation and its founders lives on at our current location - not far from the original site - at 1015 Louisiana Street.

Our Story

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The original Wolfe Street Center had lived many lives - as a home, a funeral home, student nurse housing, and our first recovery community center.

Support Group
Recover Together

Our Impact

Recovery takes a community, and the Wolfe Street family is made up of countless individuals. Together, we create life-changing impact across Central Arkansas.

Click below to read more about the Wolfe Street Foundation's annual impact. We believe in collaboration and transparency; you can also find our yearly IRS filing documents.

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