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The Wolfe Street Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization - all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

When you give to the Wolfe Street Foundation, you're making a big difference. Contributions help us provide safe and adequate space for regular recovery support groups, one-to-one peer recovery support services, peer and community education workshops, warm meals and fellowship on holidays, and so much more!

We couldn't do it without you. When it comes to recovery in Arkansas, there's a lot of work to be done. But we can do this. Together.

To learn more about how your contribution helps and how you can make the greatest impact possible, contact us below!

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Planned & Legacy Giving

Recovery has given so much of your life back to you and your family. Make your impact felt beyond your lifetime with a planned gift or a legacy gift to the Wolfe Street Foundation.

You can ensure that your impact lasts long beyond your own lifetime by making a planned or legacy gift to the Wolfe Street Foundation. Our team will work with you and your financial or legal counselors to ensure that your gift has the impact for which you want to be remembered.

The Wolfe Street Foundation accepts cash and non-cash contributions to its regular operating fund - putting the donation to use right away. But we also hold an operating endowment fund - money that is locked away to ensure the future of the Foundation in perpetuity. You can designate your planned gift to be used for general operating support, a specific purpose, or to build the endowment fund.

Some ways to make a planned or legacy gift include:

  • Make the Wolfe Street Foundation a Whole or Partial Beneficiary of Life Insurance Policies

  • Include the Wolfe Street Foundation in Your Will or Other Estate Planning

  • Transfer Non-Cash Assets, Stocks, and/or Other Instruments to the Wolfe Street Foundation to Manage End-of-Life and Inheritance Taxation

  • Request Memorials and/or Honoraria to Benefit the Wolfe Street Foundation

  • Plan Your Giving with the Wolfe Street Foundation and Your Financial and/or Legal Counselors

Non-Cash Asset & Stock Contributions

You can support a life-changing mission and manage your tax liabilities all in one move! By contributing non-cash assets  you reap the tax benefits of the full appreciated value instead of paying taxes on the full appreciated value of your holdings. The Wolfe Street Foundation can then liquidate or hold the assets to provide funding for life-changing recovery work right here in central Arkansas!

Ask your financial adviser how you can benefit from a contribution of stock or non-cash assets. Then, we can work with your financial team to make it happen!

What type of non-cash contributions can the Wolfe Street Foundation accept?

  • Residential or Commercial Real Estate/Property

  • Personal or Commercial Vehicles

  • Farm, Construction, and Other Equipment

  • Artwork, Jewelry, Collectibles, etc.

  • Stocks, Bonds, or Other Investment Instruments

  • Retirement Assets and/or Charitable Life Insurance

  • Virtual Currency, Such as Bitcoin

  • Crops and Other Farm Assets

  • Other Cash Equivalent or Noncash Assets

Company discussion

Corporate Giving & Employer Matching

People want to work for corporations and small businesses that care about their community. If you're giving or considering giving to the Wolfe Street Foundation, ask your employer about matching contributions from the company! Your gift can go farther with an employer match - and we can help your company facilitate that giving. The Wolfe Street Foundation can even help you start an Employer Matching Contribution program!

Looking to go a step further with your corporate giving and fund a specific need or sponsor one of our fundraising events? You can find partnership opportunities in our Annual Corporate Sponsorship Guide - or we can build a partnership proposal just for you.

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