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Addiction Recovery
Support Groups, Peer Recovery Support, & Supportive Recovery Housing in Little Rock and Central Arkansas.

Since 1982, we have gathered the recovery community together for support meetings at the Wolfe Street Center. Today, traditional Twelve Step Tradition meetings - like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon Family Groups, Codependents Anonymous, Medication-Assisted Treatment Anonymous, and more - continue to gather daily, weekly, or monthly in our 12,000 square foot Recovery Community Center located at 1015 South Louisiana Street in Little Rock, Arkansas. We also host community- and faith-based recovery meetings, small group therapy, and other meetings that help people seeking recovery find the pathway that will best work for them.

In addition to this tradition of gathering for support meetings, the Wolfe Street Foundation offers one-to-one peer recovery support services from certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists and Advanced Peer Recovery Specialists. We offer non-clinical, community-based services for people seeking or sustaining long-term recovery from addiction to any substance.

We continue to gather the recovery community together to celebrate, engage, remember, and advocate! At the Wolfe Street Foundation, you'll find support for your recovery journey (whether you're in personal or family recovery) and meaningful opportunities to make life better for those seeking long-term recovery across the state of Arkansas. 

At Wolfe Street, you'll find...

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Support Meetings

Every day at the Wolfe Street Center, multiple recovery support meetings - from traditional Twelve Step Traditions to community-based, faith-based, and other groups - meet to help those in recovery and their families find a community of support.

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Peer Support

The Wolfe Street Foundation provides one-to-one peer support for people seeking or sustaining long-term recovery - including recovery planning, navigation to resources, and long-term peer support to help people find their pathway to recovery.

Recovery Resources

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The Wolfe Street Foundation provides a number of recovery resources - from information about addiction and recovery to a list of community resources to direct assistance for those seeking and sustaining long-term recovery.

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Recovery Workshops and Celebration Events

The Wolfe Street Foundation regularly hosts recovery workshops and celebration events to bring the community together to learn about, celebrate, and advocate for recovery in Arkansas. By bringing the community together, we are fighting stigma and creating opportunities to come together. 

You can learn more and participate in our workshop series, awareness and advocacy events, community celebrations, and more by clicking below.

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