Godspell |  may 30, 2017 6PM  |  ARKANSAS REPERTORY THEATRE

On May 30, 2017, Arkansas Repertory Theatre opened its new show Godspell with a special preview night exclusively for Wolfe Street Foundation. For more than 20 years running, The Rep has hosted Night at The Rep for Wolfe Street Foundation.

Unlike years past, we chose to use this special evening exclusively for Outreach and fulfillment of the foundation's mission;  we hosted exhibits from 11 community partners who are alongside us in the fight against alcoholism and addiction in our area.  Guests browsed the lobby of The Rep and learned from organizations including The Bridgeway, Bradford Health, Oasis Renewal Center, Quapaw House, Youth Home, Renewal Ranch, Out of the Dark and others from across the state of Arkansas.

We also took a chance during the evening to preview an item from our upcoming youth programming;  The Hidden in Plain Sight exhibit is a mock teen bedroom created especially for parents to preview the warning signals of alcoholism or substance abuse.  Created by a Mom and son team, this exhibit is being used across the United States to educate parents and build heightened awareness.