'Voices of Love' Memorial Service to be held in honor of beloved Maggie Chafin Langley

Wolfe Street Center will host a Memorial Service for Maggie Chafin Langley on Sunday, August 14th from 2 - 4 pm.  Please join us for a heartfelt celebration of our wonderful Maggie. Close family and friends released today this tribute in her memory:

We are writing with sadness at the passing, and with gratitude for the life of Maggie Chafin Langley.  Maggie died on August 3rd with over 25 years of sobriety at age 65, surrounded by family and beloved friends after a protracted fight with kidney failure.  Maggie was a long-time member of the 120 1/2 group at Wolfe Street and worked on the front lines of recovery for many years.  She helped hundreds of people find a new life and tried to help hundreds more.  Maggie worked at Serenity Park, the Kelley Foundation, the Mid-Arc "slobbering center" (as she called it!) and other treatment facilities.  She shared amazingly generously of her clarity, humor, wisdom and hope.  She is survived by her devoted sister Barbara Chafin Kutko, and brother-in-law John Kutko of Clarksville, Arkansas, her husband Ron Langley of Australia, numbers nieces, nephews and their children, and streams of friends from a life richly lived, deeply felt and often enjoyed.  She will be sorely missed.  

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Wolfe Street Chosen for Nexstar National Day of Caring

Local television affiliates KARK and Fox16 selected Wolfe Street Foundation among only two other charities for their national employee community service initiative:  Founder's Day of Caring. Founder's Day of Caring is an annual tradition at Nester Broadcasting Group; the national telecommunications company who owns 91 affiliates around the country.  Each year on June 17, Nexstar asks their local affiliates to select a non-profit in their community for whom they can serve. From Fresno, California to Rochester New York to Pittsburgh, employees worked on-site at charities like United Way and Habitat for Humanity.  Wolfe Street was proud and humbled to be selected as a Little Rock recipient.  Local anchor, Susanne Brunner and other staff worked diligently inside and out; planting and landscaping in our Serenity Garden.  We at Wolfe Street say many many thanks to Nexstar for living the principle of corporate citizenship in Central Arkansas!


Breast Cancer Risk Rises even with Light Alcohol Use

A new study concludes that all levels of alcohol use - even light drinking - are associated with raised risk for breast cancer, with higher consumption linked to higher risk. The researchers also summarize the biological mechanism behind the link and the impact on global breast cancer incidence and deaths due to drinking.

The paper, authored by Dr. Kevin D. Shield from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France, and colleagues, is published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

The findings address a long-standing debate about whether light alcohol consumption is linked to raised risk of  breast cancer.  The link between alcohol consumption and cancer was officially declared in 1987, when a working group of the IARC - an agency of the World Health Organization (WHO) - listed cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, and liver as "causally related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages."

Since then, many studies have found links between alcohol consumption and breast cancer, and another study conducted n 2007 by the IARC added breast cancer and colon cancer to the former list of cancers.

Addiction Declared Disorder of the Brain, Not Behavior, Experts Say

Experts declared this week what many of us already knew to be true; addiction is caused by a neurological pattern in the brain which recalls cravings and skews judgement about future addictive behavior.  In a 4-year long study, The American Society of Addiction Medicine reports that addiction is rooted in brain circuitry and a person's chemistry, cautioning us to continue thinking about addiction as a 'moral or behavioral problem."  The revised definition also calls addiction a primary disease or one that is not the result of other causes.  Read more  

Wolfe Street Foundation Raises Over $19,000 at State's Annual Giving Event

Many thanks to our supporters participating in the Arkansas Community Foundation's annual day of giving; a day across the state designated for Arkansans to support their favorite charity with an online donation. Arkansans chose from 585 non-profits across several categories and sizes.  In short, your support, your social media 'shares' and your help enabled us to raise over  $19,000 to cover operating costs at Wolfe Street Center for 2016.  In the mid-sized category, Wolfe Street ranked 27th of 163 charities in terms of total amount garnered and 24th in terms of number of people who gave! Our heart goes out to you for these gifts and to the Arkansas Community Foundation for allowing us to be a part of such generosity.  

Wolfe Street Foundation Announces New Executive Director

Wolfe Street Foundation Board of Directors announced today it has appointed Dr. Caroline Morgan Ford as incoming Executive Director.  The appointment was made after a regional search and selection last fall when long-time ED, Markey Ford, stepped down. Wolfe Street Foundation operates Wolfe Street Center; a 12,350 square foot facility on S. Louisiana Street offering daily groups, programs and outreach services for individuals and families recovering from alcoholism and addiction.  The announcement comes on the heels of the organization’s annual Oscar Night Gala; a black-tie affair held in February that raised approximately $125,000 for Wolfe Street Center.