Bradford Health & Wolfe Street Foundation Partner for Outreach Talk, "The Dis-ease of Codependency"

On Thursday, April 27 at 6 pm, we invite all members of the community to attend this free workshop, led by Bradford Health’s Jeremy Rakes, MSW, focusing on the dynamic of co-dependency affecting those suffering from substance abuse disorder and their families.  Bradford and Wolfe Street have teamed up to help families understand how they are impacted and what they can do to manage. 

What to expect? Learn about the symptoms of co-dependency - the analogy of the alarm clock that families continue to silence.  Also, expect a discussion of enabling, dysfunction, and definitions for 'helping' in the family or workplace.  

Rakes, a recovering addict himself and an Interventionist at Bradford Health Services in Alabama, said in a recent workshop in Tennessee that living with an addict, “is like living with an emotional terrorist.” 

There is no cost to attend this event. Refreshments will be served. No registration is necessary. 

For more information, please contact or check out one of Jeremy's previous workshops in Tennessee here.

About Jeremy Rakes, MSW

Jeremy has a passion for working with individuals who are suffering with addiction and Codependency. His drive to help others stems from his own battles with addiction and codependency. He has been sober since December 5, 1999, and is also active in Alanon for over 11 years. He decided to start a career in working with addicts, alcoholics and families in a treatment setting. Jeremy went back to college and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and completed his Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Alabama. He currently lives in Birmingham, AL, with his wife, Amy, and their 3 children, Scarlett (10), Stella (7), and Solomon (4). He also has a son, Skyler (21), who also lives in Birmingham.