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WSF is currently seeking qualified applicants for the position of Executive Director.

The preferred candidate will have a successful history of corporate, foundation and individual fundraising with experience in a non-profit organizational structure.


• The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors

• Serves as the Wolfe Street Foundation, Inc.’s “Chief Development Officer” and the Executive Director


• Establishes and implements strategies to secure financial and related resources that supports Wolfe Street Foundation’s strategic and operational objectives

• Develops, refines and implements an individual giving strategy to secure revenue

• Builds long term funding relationships

• Responsible for developing and maintaining sound financial practices

• Selects, employs, manages and discharges all employees and maintains personnel policies

• Directs and manages the funding campaigns related to special projects.

• Works with the Wolfe Street Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors to assure a high level of engagement and board giving.

• Provides leadership, insights, and support to address organizational issues.

• Implement, manage, expand and evaluate programs and services

• Maintain official records and documents to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations

• Establish sound working relationship and cooperative arrangements with community groups and


• Represents the programs and point of view of WSF to agencies, organizations and the general public

• Assures achievement of objectives, anticipates skill requirements and develops staff to meet current and long term needs of the organization.

• Ensures the mission of WSF is fulfilled through programs, strategic planning and community outreach

• Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.


The preferred candidate will have a successful history of corporate, foundation and individual fundraising with experience in a non-profit organizational structure.

• At least five years of successful fundraising work.

• Have a successful history of corporate, foundation and individual fundraising with experience in a nonprofit organizational structure

• Work collaboratively, building trust with Board members, staff and internal leaders

• Influence others to open doors to potential donors and engage in fundraising efforts

• Establish fundraising business processes that enable a team to secure funding beyond the individual success of one fundraiser.

• Pursue traditional avenues of fundraising but willingness to consider new nontraditional methods.

• Persuasively communicate complex concepts and programs to the highest level of corporations and individuals.

• Foster an environment of customer focus that leads to donor acquisition and retention.

• Effectively manage change within the organization

• Experience in leading, building, and retaining a professional and skilled development team in a

performance driven and results-oriented environment

• Have a track record of identifying and developing talent.


The Executive Director will be/have:

• Be an inspirational leader able to motivate staff, Board of Directors, donors and others at all levels to embrace Wolfe Street Foundation’s mission and brand.

• Have success in working with diverse constituents and helping the organization execute its strategic and operational plans.

• Be a strong individual communicator able to frame a message to resonate with a variety of audiences and constituencies using a variety of communication techniques.

• Have a strong service focus and ability to work with donors and other customers to define needs.

• Demonstrate ability to achieve results through influence and diplomacy to reach common ground and build alliances without compromising the organization’s interests.

• Have flexibility to adapt to a dynamic, changing landscape and customers.

• Have a strong intellectual curiosity and a track record of thinking “outside the box” to explore and

implement new innovations that achieve desired outcomes.

• Strong, sensitivity, appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures.

• Have a record of complete integrity and strong personal character.

• Have the ability to resolve conflict in a positive and productive manner.

• Have organizational awareness and business savvy.

• Have an exemplary performance record.


Master’s degree or equivalent work experience

See the job posting here and to apply.