The Addicted Brain: A comprehensive approach through the treatment of addiction (CEU series) - FAll date to be announced

UC Berkeley researchers recently released findings that could be critical to understanding the addicted brain. The team led by Jordan Wallis, an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at UC Berkeley, examined how activity in two specific areas of the brain affects our ability to make decisions; decisions which may be impaired in the brain of an addict. Offered courtesy of and in partnership with Bradford Health Servicesthis continuing education event will be held Friday, June 8 from 9 am - 4 pm at Wolfe Street Center.  Session content areas include physiology of the brain, treatment approach, interventions and relationships in recovery from a team of educators.   We welcome therapists, counselors and other professionals to join us at no cost. Special appearance by Tim Hilton. Session facilitators:

Dori Haddock , LCSW

The Addicted Brain and Treatment

Kristin Agar LCSW, CAI, CIP

Intervention Modalities

Susan Kilman, LCSW, AACD

Families in Recovery


Prior Events Snapshot:  The Dis-Ease of Codependency

We had a great turnout for the last family workshop entitled "The Dis-Ease of Codependency" led by Bradford Health’s Jeremy Rakes, MSW. Jeremy discussed the disease of co-dependency and how its affects families.

We have added Jeremy's PowerPoint from the session. Rakes, a recovering addict himself and an Interventionist at Bradford Health Services in Alabama, said in a recent workshop in Tennessee that living with an addict, “is like living with an emotional terrorist.” Source: Crossville Chronicle